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patient reviews

When patients complete their radiation treatments at our facility, we give them the opportunity to tell us about their experience. Below is a selection of patient reviews that we have received over the years. We trust that these patient reviews will give you a sense of our treatment philosophy and our environment.

Below are actual reviews from patients that we have treated. We have excluded their names to protect their privacy. At the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology, we strive to create a trusting, professional, and friendly atmosphere. The question we ask is “What are we doing right?” Our patients say it best…

Patient reviews

Your tech team made me feel very comfortable. Everyone was gracious and caring. Their professional attitude was insuring. They all were efficient and respectful. Thank you all for your personal attention to my needs.

Going to ACFRO with prostate cancer the first time is uncertainty and trepidation that is quickly dispelled. From the front desk (Isabella and Jenavie) staff to Dr. Garza’s reassuring and pleasant manner, to the preliminary procedures (Dr. Garza, Joyce, Que, Evelina), and finally 45 sessions of radiation therapy with one of the most professional, competent, efficient, courteous, friendly, and patient medical staffs I have encountered (an that is many). They are Angela, Eric, Katherine, Kristianne, and Shannon. I always felt comfortable and safe in their care. And, coming in each day was not dreaded as you might expect. I know others that I did not come in contact with also contribute to this excellent operation. This was truly a satisfying experience.

I just finished my last of 45 radiation treatments, and although I won’t miss the treatments I will miss the warm, friendly and professional staff I’ve become close to during the last nine weeks. Dr. Garza has created an environment where from the moment you enter until you leave you are greeted with respect and compassion. I strongly recommend The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology to anyone needing radiation treatments. I fully endorse them, and in fact, I would give them a than 5+ star rating.

We appreciated your office working with us so driving in heavy traffic was minimized. All staff were congenial, knew their job and carried it out efficiently. Appointments were handled timely so we didn’t have to wait. Weekly appointments with the doctor were helpful to address questions and concerns. Overall, we were totally pleased with the experience.

All of the staff were great. The always made sure that I was as comfortable as possible through the entire process.

Super courteous, helpful, informative!Always smiles and happy staff, made my visits quick and easy. Thanks.

All of the staff were very professional and performed their work excellently. Information and answers to questions were readily available. I felt very good about the treatment I received. I commend the staff for their kindness and patience every day of my treatment. It made what could have been a few uncomfortable moments much easier to deal with.

Extremely professional office, yet friendly. Obviously when you find out you have cancer that is a very distraught feeling. The office staff makes us feel comfortable and optimistic and treat us like we are special. I was always able to get my desired appointment time. One particular thing I liked was the patient waiting room. Sitting in with patients having appointments before me and also after me gave us a sense of a support group being able to talk about our illness and ongoing side affect symptoms.

I am very satisfied with the service and treatment that I received during my 8 weeks of radiation therapy there. I especially appreciate the way that the doctor handled my special needs, i.e., redoing the fabrication of the structure that held my back during the treatments so that my back, which has significant scoliosis, would not have to endure great pain, as well as providing effective medicine and a irritable bladder diet plan to take away painful symptoms that arose due to radiation. All of the staff members were supportive and caring, especially Angela.

Dr. Garza has assembled a great team. None of us Patients want to be in this predicament. Having a skilled, friendly and informative group of individuals help us navigate this process is calming and reassuring. Dr. Days are a good way to track symptoms/side effects and get questions answered. It is really the only day of the week that I actually thought about cancer. The rest of the time, I just go about my business and stay positive. This entire battle is really a game of “hurry up and wait”. The 8 weeks went by a lot faster than I thought they would. Lastly – those wonderful Nurses playing DJ by letting me bring my own music was great! Keep it up and good luck getting your second room up and running.

Well organized and real pleasant operation. Makes you feel as part of caring family and not just another cancer patient. I really enjoyed being treated at your location with a wonderful Dr and great team that really care.

Making all the patients feel comfortable during the procedure. Everyone was a pleasure to get to know and made me feel as part of a family. Thanks again for all the help.

Caring, fun people. You kept me informed and advised [about] medication to help side affects. Couldn’t ask for any better treatment from Dr. Garza and his staff and the technicians.

I was treated very pleasantly and very systematically without any delays.

Staff is always kind, courteous, cordial, prompt, and attentive. Facility is always clean, well-maintained, and well-appointed.

I am well pleased. Five star. Thank you all.

Everyone in the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology makes the whole experience easy to deal with. All staff are always friendly and ready answer any questions as well as taking an interest in me as a person. Really appreciate the effort everyone goes to to make what could be an arduous experience in to one that went by with so little effort.

Outstanding professional care, wonderful staff, the entire staff provided exceptional service. Thanks to all, especially the therapists Katherine, Angela, Kristianne and Erick. A heartfelt thanks.

A very accomplished team of professionals. Caring, patient and sensitive to patients needs. Miss ya’ll.

Caring and pleasant staff. Flexible and works with patients to meet their individual needs. Open dialog regarding care and scheduling. Great location. Billing process is easy. Coordination with surgery.

Professional. Respectful. Kindness. Upbeat. Caring.

Punctual, out of their way to help. Very gracious and always with a smile on their faces. Service was perfect.

I felt that everyone care about me and how I was doing.

Everyone at ACFRO made me feel welcome everyday. Not only are the people who work there consummate professionals, their amiability and cheerfulness helped me through a challenging process.

Very responsive when patient has a question. Know what they are talking about. Explain answers in good detail. Show patience. Staff friendly and caring!

Doctor Garza, support staff, reception personnel, all sending the same message loud and clear – “We want you to get better and we’re here to make that happen!” Compassionate care, understanding, and a family environment are the game changers for treatment.

Terrific and friendly service. Efficient process. Great information and reassurance.

The staff [are] very friendly and I felt very comfortable even when as patient put in some “uncomfortable” situations. Thanks to all of you!!

Everyone of the staff is very courteous and friendly, which made coming for my treatment tolerable, considering what we are going through. Thanks so much.

You and your staff are doing a great job. Keep it up.

From the receptionist and the staff, to the nurses and the doctors, you get an A+. Keep up the good work.

Dr. and staff are caring and compassionate. They made this difficult process easy.

The first day when we arrive at the center, we are so full of fear, anxiety, and worry. Everyone I interacted with at the center made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I truly appreciate that. Thank you all so much.

My experience here was nothing less than outstanding. The skills, friendliness, professionalism, and positive attitude of each member of the ACFRO team could not have been better. Keep it up.

You have the process perfected.  Really appreciated being able to [have] the treatment done quickly every day.

I was very satisfied with the treatments and especially the radiation personnel. They are very smart and courteous. Do not change anything!

Staff made the experience as pleasant as possible.

Great staff, helpful and friendly.

The whole Radiation Oncology experience went easier than I expected. The entire staff was pleasant and professional each day. The radiation team of Erick, Katherine, Kristi, and Angela worked quickly to get each of us in and out on time. They made the schedule adjustments I needed for special occasions during my 8-wks of treatment. Their cheerful attitude made it easier to show up for radiation treatments each day!

Thanks to all of you for all you have done. It’s been my pleasure to have met you.

Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and friendliness. You are all a class act.

Oncology staff cheered me up when I was feeling down with troubling side effects.

Professionalism, courtesy, friendly. I fell in love with “Bertha”. More than adequate treatment guidance and information. (Note: Bertha is the name of our radiation machine).

You have a very professional group of people. Through their love, compassion, empathy and sense of humor, they have turned a clinical experience into a healing experience.  Thanks.

Continue to greet the patients with smiling faces. I enjoyed all of the staff, nurses, receptionists, Dr. Garza, and the technicians. You all really made me fee comfortable, and care for patients.

My overall experience with your company was excellent, especially the technicians who worked with me each day. Thank you for everything. An overall good experience.

The whole crew is extremely professional,  organized, and efficient….In the face of a daunting daily work schedule they are always pleasant and personable. Considering the gravity of the experience, I always felt at ease and comfortable.

Dr. Garza and staff are excellent and highly motivated in what they do. Very impressive. I’m certain I received the bet, most accurate radiation therapy possible. The facility was always a very warm, welcoming, and confidence building experience.

Dr. Garza was the most thorough, knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever had. He and his staff treat you with caring and uplifting support – not the experience you’d get at a larger clinic.

My experience was wonderful. I had apprehension going into a building with the word “oncology” on the entrance. I actually looking to coming in every morning. The staff is vey professional and caring about each patient. I met new friends. We even started going to breakfast after treatments. Most importantly, I felt safe on the road to recovery.

Technicians are very nice and professional.

Most everything – staff and technicians are awesome. Professional, kind, and caring!

Very efficient, quick in and out, great people with good attitude and smiling faces.

You are friendly, cheerful and kind to your patients. You work hard to keep on schedule. You fixed the parking problem.

Maintaining punctuality and friendly interaction; readiness to address questions and needs as they arrive.

While not an experience I was looking forward to, the staff and Dr. Garza at the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology received my concerns with their outgoing, personal care, kindness, and professionalism. Thank you.

The staff is excellent! Very pleasant and good humored – very confident and competent! I knew I was going to be alright from the beginning. Thank you very much for caring.

You are very quick and efficient. You realize that a patient cannot wait too long before his session. You are very friendly, courteous, and professional.

You are doing everything right. I could not be happier with the way your team treated me. Thank you from the depths of my being! It’s quite staggering the number of men who are being treated at this facility. From day one through nine weeks and forty-five treatments, I was treated and greeted with respect and dignity. In these times, this is what we need the most. Your kindness is a quality you rarely see anymore!

Great staff. Wonderful. Best experience ever.

Everything was great. Staff was friendly.

Everyone is kind and seems always to have a smile and kind words. The techs are great and interact well thru the nine weeks, makes it much easier. Great group. All staff rated A+.

My experience with everyone I got involved with was very humbling. I aspire to be that patient with humans like all here.

Everyone, from reception to technicians, medical personnel, very friendly and efficient.

All of the staff were a pleasure to deal with. Working closely with the techs during the radiation treatments, I was very appreciative of their demeanor. Raise their pay! They earned it!

Personable staff. Making us feel comfortable, constantly interacting with all procedures. Timely. Good coffee in mornings.

Your medical staff and support team are excellent.

Professionalism, all care, timing/scheduling, attention to all detail.

You have an extremely good staff.

Well oiled machine…the gang in the back is great and appreciated their smiling faces every morning.

It’s somewhat frightening to find out that you have cancer but all of the staff from Dr. Garza to the R.T.’s, nurse and receptionist made this a comfortable and friendly experience. You guys are great!! Thank you.

Entire staff was very cheerful and friendly. Answered all my questions even if they had to go elsewhere for answers.

Your staff are cheerful, caring, understanding, supportive and professional which helps reduce the stress of receiving radiation treatments.

Every procedure experienced was satisfaction and professionally presented by all members.

Everything – very caring, efficient, wonderful bedside manners, dedicated, professional.

Everything! I felt well taken care of.

Excellent patient service. Staff makes you comfortable. Schedule appointments always on time. Courteous and friendly staff.

Techs always pleasant and on time.

Warm, personal, professional care. Keep up the good work!

I can think of nothing you are not doing right. Everyone is very professional and competent, helpful, patient, and courteous. But most of all cheerful and upbeat! Thanks so much to all the staff at ACFRO!

The staff has such an outgoing and positive attitude that it makes a monotonous process something you can look forward to.

Very satisfied. Your team is most professional. Eric, Angela, and everyone was very courteous and caring.

All of the staff are professional, knowledgeable, and a delight to work with.

Kind, friendly atmosphere. Virtually no waiting to be treated.

As far as I’m concerned, everything. Friendly staff and never waited more than 10 minutes. Thanks ya’ll.

The best thing I liked (besides doing the radiation treatments) is how efficient the technicians were. Even though my schedule was a certain time, if I got there earlier, they would take me. Kudos to Dr. Garza!

The caring and friendly attitude of everyone I met was outstanding. They all displayed a professional attitude and were very nice and pleasant.

Have never been through this before. As far as I know, you did well. Professional right to the core. How much it helps me time will tell….Always right on top of your game….

Interacting with patients in a friendly and courteous manner during the treatment process.

Dr. Garza has professionally overseen my radiation treatment. My progress was reviewed every Thursday at Doctor’s Day by Dr. Garza and all my questions were patiently answered. Dr. Garza continually monitors all details of treatment, even the smallest details. The staff, across the board, is totally professional, working with the patient with kindness and respect.

Friendly, professional staff in all slots.

Your concerned, friendly staff helped make out daily visits for treatments a pleasant time. Thanks. Keep up your good work.

The technicians are fantastic with explaining the procedures. They are very friendly.

All of the staff were friendly, helpful, making for a good environment for treatment. The caring attitude and smiling faces were a great comfort during treatment.

Friendly, conscientious, and very professional. I was always called early for my procedure. They made the experience more than exceptional. Entire staff was very accommodating.

Quality care, efficiency, personable interactions.

Dr. Garza and his entire staff was kind, professional, organized, prompt, and informative.

Great staff, friendly, caring and just made me feel like I was the most important patient.

To Dr. Garza and the entire team at the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology: Thank you everyone for your amazing kindness, caring, and professionalism throughout my treatment sessions. Best wishes to each of you as you continue to help men like me go through this journey.

We thank each of you for your kindness, patience, assistance in making treatments manageable.

To all the staff: Your work and dedication are exceptional. You are always very professional and accomplish your work with patience, with accuracy, and great kindness. Thank you Dr. Garza for assembling and motivating everyone, all of whom are so obviously at the peak of performance.

Austin Center for Radiation Oncology: Your clinic is one of the best medical clinics I have ever experienced. Everybody is not only friendly but helpful when needed. It creates a wonderful patient atmosphere. Another thing I noticed over 45 visits is that it runs on time for your appointment. There is not a lot of wait time or what I call wasted time. The place is very efficient yet customer friendly. I believe some other clinics would benefit by seeing how yours runs. Also, it seems to me that everyone gets along with each other. I also think it is an excellent idea where you meet with the doctor on the same day each week. That indicates a lot of interest in the patient. I further believe that scheduling the follow-up appointments at the conclusion of the treatment process is an excellent idea. Thanks again and deep appreciation for the way you handled the entire treatment program including informing me about the whole process as we moved through same.

Dr. Richard Garza: I want to tell you my experiences I have had with the radiation oncology center of Urology Austin for the past nine weeks. From the front desk employees to your nurses/assistants and the radiation therapists, all were very professional and personable to me. Even though ‘cancer’ is a dirty word, the radiation therapists made my visits pleasant. Those four therapists were professionals and pleasant to be around. They were a bright spot in my day. Thanks for the treatment I received from your group, especially the four radiation therapists.

This is the most well organized, well managed, treatment I have ever had. All the staff was most pleasant and helpful, the  handouts were very informative and timely, the treatments were professionally done, and I was treated with care and compassion.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to give us these patient reviews. Patient reviews help us continually work toward excellence. Patient reviews also assist potential patients in learning more about our care philosophy and atmosphere. Your kind remarks are much appreciated!

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