Austin Center RADIATION Oncology

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Once you are diagnosed with cancer and determine that radiation is the best course of treatment for you, there are many steps to this process. It is natural to have questions about the process and we want our patients to feel comfortable with the decision they’ve made about their treatment. Depending on the type and stage of cancer, most patients typically come for radiation on a daily basis (Monday – Friday) for 5-9 weeks. Before starting treatment each patient will complete a series of appointments at the radiation center. It is our goal at The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology to make sure each patient feels comfortable in our office and confident in their course of treatment. The steps between your initial consultation in our office and the end of radiation treatment are as follows:

  • Initial Consultation with the Radiation Oncologist
  • Financial Counseling and Transportation Assistance (As Needed Upon Patient Request)
  • CT Simulation for Treatment Planning
  • Treatment Plan is Developed
  • Treatment Begins
  • Patient Aftercare Education
  • Follow-Up Appointments with the Radiation Oncologist

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