Austin Center RADIATION Oncology


The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology would like to offer some helpful links to various support organizations that may aid our patients. Please be diligent in researching the services provided by these organizations. ACFRO is not affiliated with these organizations.

Cancer resources

UsTOO – A national and international organization with local prostate cancer support groups.

ZERO Cancer – Prostate cancer advocacy and resources.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Livestrong – Cancer assistance including patient navigators.

American Cancer Society in Texas – Resources across Texas.

CareBox Program – A local charitable organization that offers help with cancers supplies.

Cancer Support Community – Resources, patient navigation, education.

CancerCare – Counseling, resources, financial assistance.

YMCA Cancer Survivor Program.

Transportation assistance

Transportation to and from The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology can sometimes be difficult for patients and their families. We believe that transportation should never be a barrier between our patients and quality medical care. Below are a number of free or discounted options for transportation that may be helpful.

ZERO Prostate Cancer Drive – This program provides transportation-related financial assistance to prostate cancer patients in Texas who are currently undergoing treatment, receiving follow-up care, or attending ongoing provider appointments due to a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Your Ride is Here – This organization offers rides to patients with cancer at no charge.

Austin Parks & Recreation – Ride service for seniors.

C.A.R.T.S. (Capital Area Rural Trasportation System) – Not emergency transportation and disability services.

Drive A Senior – Services across Central Texas

American Cancer Society – Road to Recovery

Faith in Action Georgetown – Transportation for seniors

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